• DeckOut Series: Shaving done right

    Shaving, when done right doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s break it down for you. Choosing the right equipment - one blade, 2 blades, 5?! What’s the difference between having more or less blades; having multiple blades may make cutting hair feel easier as of course it covers more surface area... View Post
  • DeckOut Series: Oil makes skin oily? A myth!

    The common misconception about facial oil products is that it will leave skin feeling even oilier after application. That is not necessarily true. In fact, high quality oil products that are made with natural ingredients can help your skin absorb the nutrients and lock in hydration by reinforcing the lipid barrier even more effectively than most moisturizing creams. View Post
  • DeckOut Series: The Ultimate Clean

    Taking a shower is muscle memory, a healthy complexion, perfect shave, and shiny beard all start with a daily cleansing. Skin is detoxified to keep bacteria, blemishes, and irritation at bay. Sebum production is balanced, and the skin is nourished. Why do we shower? Simple, it’s to remove impurit... View Post