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DeckOut Club

What is DeckOut Club

DeckOut is about sharing our passion for conscious care and helping you to find the product that works for you. Join the community of conscious care and embark on the journey with us to finding that perfect product. 

Our 3 key pillars for conscious care are grooming, eating healthily and looking after your well-being. Our selected partners are like-minded organisations who complete this community for conscious care. 

Join us at the DeckOut Club!

Key Club Benefits

Up to 20% Off Your Purchase

Partner Perks

Bonus Decks Rewards Points

Partner Discounts

Exclusive Event Invites

Access to New Product Launch

How Do I Join The Club?

Simply Auto-replenish with us and you will automatically be in the Club! Enjoy the full benefits of the Club and be part of the community for conscious care.

There is NO membership fee or commitment, but the longer you stick around, the sweeter the deal.

Step 1

Go to the product page and click on the Auto-replenish button

Step 2

Select the Frequency Interval

Step 3

Check Out and you are in the Club! Simple.

DeckOut Club 

What is Auto-Replenish and how does it work?

Ever found yourself out of grooming, care & beauty products? You get in the shower and realised you’ve run out of your favourite soaps. All clean and ready for a shave and you ain’t got anything left to shave it? You’ve completed your morning ritual and find found that perfect outfit for your day of adventure, but you’re out of your favourite styling product?

Keep your Deck ever sorted and receive hassle-free replenishment of your favourite necessities right here at DeckOut Club.
All you have to do is choose a product, select the Auto-replenish option and choose the frequency interval. Your card will only be charged when your order is sent out. Never get left stranded! We’ve got your back!

Our Partners

We are constantly looking out for new partners to come on board. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest update!

Solitude of Strength

These are the benefits DeckOut Club members will enjoy at Solitude of Strength.

Solitude of Strength is a functional fitness gym located in Woodleigh Park Singapore which offers a unique experience. Click here to find out more.

Solitude of Strength
First Time Trial Pass, 8 Sessions at $159
Unlimited 2 Weeks $69 (applicable to new sign ups only)
15% off Personal High Performance Coaching
50% off 1x Class Trial (U.P. $35) *first timers only*

DeckOut Club Benefits

Type of Benefits DeckOut Club One Time Purchase
Up to 20% Off Regular Price Products DeckOut Club  
Auto-replenish - Never run out of products again DeckOut Club  
Earn Decks Rewards DeckOut Club DeckOut Club
Bonus Decks Rewards DeckOut Club  
Partners Offer and Promotion DeckOut Club  
Exclusive Club Event Invite DeckOut Club  
Access to Deluxe Samples and New Product Launch DeckOut Club  


DeckOut Club


Heck no! You’re even free to change your product and/or the frequency any time before you have been billed. The longer you stay with us, the more discounts we’ll throw in!
Yes of course! You’re free to change your product and/or the frequency any time before you are billed for each Auto-replenish order. You can also choose to skip the Auto-replenish order if you still have product left to use.
Check out the table below. It’s a tiered-discount. The longer you stay with us, the sweeter the deal! We’re in it for the long run.

Number Of Auto-replenish Orders Tiered Discount
1st and 2nd order 15%
3rd and 4th order 18%
5th order onwards 20%
You’re part of the DeckOut Club as long as you have an active Auto-replenishment going. Too easy!
Yes of course. You can pause your Auto-replenish for 3 months and enjoy your existing club benefits and discount tier. We will reach out to once when your Auto-replenish has been paused for more than 3 months.
You will only be billed the day your auto replenish item is sent out. You will receive a reminder email from us 3 days before each Auto-replenishment order.
We’ll be able to ship your product out within 2 working days once we received your payment.
You can, but we would be sad to see you go. If you do decide jump back in to Auto-replenish, your tiered discount will start all over again at 15%.
Simply login to your DeckOut account and show your active Auto-replenish subscription to our wonderful partners.
You will get exclusive Bonus Decks for every 5th auto-replenished order. That means for the 5th, 10th, 15th etc order through auto-replenishment, we’ll throw in some extra Decks for you! We’re in it for the long run together!

Decks Rewards Points Total Auto-replenish Amount
100 ($5) Less than $70
240 ($12) $70 to $150
600 ($30) More than $150
First, sign up to our Decks Rewards Program by clicking on the Rewards widget on the bottom of the screen.
DeckOut Decks Rewards Widget
Redeem your Decks in the Rewards widget.
The vouchers can be used for One-Time Purchase items, new or existing Auto-Replenish items. For more information about the Decks Rewards Program, click here.