French Girl Organics Clear Skin Oil

Take your skin to clearer and clearer, become the morning glow with flawless complexion, while preventing future blemishes and impurities.

Walk with your head in the clouds while not having to worry about breakouts, helping you achieve higher and higher heights while looking fabulous. 

Direction for use:

  • Apply gently in an upward motion to areas blemished or prone to acne. Use daily for optimal results.


Key Ingredients:

  Tamanu, Argan, and Hemp

Oils replenish acne-prone skin, balancing skin conditions.

  Rose Hip Oil and Linoleic Acid

Contain plant based vitamin C and A that increase cell turnover and reduces redness and scarring.

  Blue Chamomile and Lavender Essential Oils

Contain powerful anti-inflammatories that calm and soothe the skin.

  Tea Tree and Rosemary Oil

Provide antiseptic properties that protects the spread of bacteria.

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