Hanz de Fuko Modify Pomade

Hanz de Fuko Modify Pomade. We as men love to modify. We modify our gear, our ride, our lady (ok maybe not) and ultimately our hairstyle.

Your dry hair will transform into silk and your wet hair become as flexible as a yoga master.

Refreshing, Summer vibes and as shiny as your military boots.


  • Medium hold
  • High shine
  • Humidity-resistant 
  • Water soluble
  • Ultra-lightweight 


Direction for use:

Hanz de Fuko Modify Pomade is designed for a large variety of uses - wet or dry hair just modify. Apply to wet hair and it will cement whatever shape you've got going on. Use on dry hair to curate an epic textured look with shine to finish off. Also an amazing heat protectant right before flat ironing or blow drying!

Pro Tip: To For greater holding power, leave Hanz de Fuko Modify Pomade opened overnight to let moisture seep out for major effectiveness! Don't forget to close it after usage though. 


Key Ingredients:

CASTOR SEED OIL Enhance the health of hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

SHEA BUTTER Retains moisture to repair damaged hair and calms scalp irritations. 

HONEYSUCKLE FLOWER EXTRACT Protects the hair harsh environments created from chemicals and protects from direct heat from hair dryers or irons

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