Hanz de Fuko Style Lock Hair Spray

Hanz de Fuko Style Lock Hair Spray. Trying to get that perfect hairstyle to stay in place all day long, or maybe just trying to get your hair to reach outer space?

Ain't you ready for the latest and greatest Hair Spray. Start stunting like you're Evel Knievel. For extraterrestrial heights and volume, best paired with a blow dryer.


  • Extreme hold


Direction for use:

There are two ways of using Hanz de Fuko Style Lock Hair Spray

1. As a styling spray, spot-style as desire, for a more exciting look pair with blow-dryer for added volume and texture.

2. To finish off that perfect look spray about 15cm away from your perfect hair-do is done.


Key Ingredients:

STRAND PROTECT COMPLEX guards hair from environmental factors that can fade color or cause premature degradation of the hair structure.

NUTRITIVE CASCADE TECHNOLOGY delivers a cascade of peptides and natural plant proteins throughout the hair shaft to reinforce structure and improve strength.

Our CERTIFIED ORGANIC HAIR CARE BLEND of Mallow Flower, Lemon Peel, Burdock Root, and Horsetail Fern extract adds to the conditioning properties of the product.