Imperial Barber 3:1 Complete Body & Hair Wash


From what we've gotten used to as kids, what we've grown accustomed to - scrubbing down your head shoulders knees and toes have never gotten easier. Trying to save time? Say no more. 


Not the first, but definitely will be your last. Perfecting and improving an essential part of everyones daily process of getting ready. Not only great pomades but great flippin' soaps. Running at you hard like a sumo, so step ahead of the game and start your day more efficiently. We handle the grooming, you handle the world.  

Always looking out for your Deck. DeckOut.


  • Functional and efficient
  • Space saving
  • Cost saving


Direction for use:

Wet entire being - starting from the top down, apply liberally throughout hair, wash face in an outward circular motion to get rid of excess dirt. Smother body with 3:1 Complete Body & Hair Wash and finally rinse all off. Repeat if necessary. 


Key Ingredients:


PRO-VITAMIN B5 keeps hair moisturised and strong.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT creates barrier to protect skin from harsh environmental stressors.

ACAI anti-aging and moisturises.



One-time purchase
Auto-replenish and Save up to 20%