Hanz de Fuko Dry Shampoo

Hanz de Fuko Dry Shampoo. Having high hopes and wanting even higher hair? Fulfil the prophecy, pre-style with the dry shampoo to get any excess oils and moisture out for higher, longer lasting hair.

With the sea-salt like texture, gives your hair more control and volume, great on its own, even better with other Hanz de Fuko Stylers.

  • Absorbs excess sebum, sweat, and styling product
  • Lightly moisturizes hair
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Shortens styling time
  • Sweat resistant


Direction for use:

Shake can like a polaroid picture, and a little more. Hold can about 15cm from hair and spray evenly throughout dry hair, focusing on the roots, letting it absorb all that excess oil, and sebum, getting rid of all the nasties! Once product is dry, shake out excess product.


Key Ingredients:

GOJI BERRY & RED WINE EXTRACTS protects hair from environmental factors that can fade color or cause premature degradation of the hair structure.

SOY PROTEIN provides additional structure and flexibility to the hair.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC HAIR CARE BLEND of Mallow Flower, Lemon Peel, Burdock Root, & Horsetail Fern extract adds to the conditioning proper- ties of the product.

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