Delivery & Returns

You will receive your order 2-3 working days from the day you place your order. You will receive a tracking number once delivery is confirmed. You can track your order at UrbanFox Tracking Page. Simple! Do note that our UrbanFox do not do delivery on Sundays and public holidays.
Your order will be delivered within Singapore using Urbanfox. You will receive a tracking number via sms or email once delivery is confirmed. We apologise that we don't do self-collections or meet ups.
You will be contacted by UrbanFox on rescheduling your delivery. Don’t worry, you will receive your item!
We can do an exchange for the following defects: the item is badly damaged container/content leaked/product expired. However we are unable to do an exchange for minor cosmetic damages (such as dented tin cap, broken seal but content is still intact). In the case of damaged items, please send a snapshot of the damaged item to and we will look into it.
Aerosols will not be available for overseas delivery.

India: Delivery fee depends on weight of the order. Delivery will take 10-15 working days.

Malaysia: Delivery to Malaysia is free via our courier service and it will take approximately 5-7 working days for the products listed below.

Do note that only selected products are available for delivery to Malaysia. Please refer to the list of products below. Please email us at for products not listed below.

Hanz de Fuko Quicksand

Hanz de Fuko Claymation

Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax

Hanz de Fuko Modify Pomade

Hanz de Fuko Scheme Cream

Hanz de Fuko Hybridized Wax

Hanz de Fuko Gravity Paste

Hanz de Fuko Heavymade

Hanz de Fuko Dry Shampoo

Hanz de Fuko Natural Shampoo

Hanz de Fuko Natural Conditioner

Hanz de Fuko Anti Fade Shampoo

Hanz de Fuko Anti Fade Conditioner

Hanz de Fuko Gentle Face Wash

Hanz de Fuko Invisible Shave Cream